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Illuminated Manuscripts & The Holy Now

IMGI have been away so long, because for a while now I have been lost along the Way. Today, I found something I wrote a long time ago. It came back to me like a ray of light shining dimly through the nearly closed door into the dark room where I found myself once again. The door that swung ever-so-slowly shut while my back was turned, while my attention was elsewhere. Elsewhere in the past focused on pain and guilt, and in the future full of fear and dread; both in my personal life and reflected in the world at large. Reading my words from so long ago, I felt a faint knocking on my heart, a reminder that it is time to wake up again, to stand up, to turn and open the door once more. These are the words I read:

0001KQImagine all of the world’s sacred texts each transcribed onto their own single, thin transparent page. Each page rendered lovingly in vivid colors in the elaborate calligraphy of an illuminated manuscript. Each one striving to reveal the divine to a particular people at a particular time in a particular place.

Now, envision each fragile, holy page carefully layered one atop another. Stacked and neatly aligned, they are then lifted up to the divine light. All earthly interpretations dissolve while areas of commonality blend and deepen, rise to the surface. Like a stained glass cathedral window, only beauty emerges.

100_2667You begin to experience the enlightened words as they wash over you. Love. Compassion. Mercy. Forgiveness. Unity. From many voices, one divine source shines down on you and you are held suspended in an indescribable abiding love that seems to expand beyond your capacity to contain it. So you don’t try to contain it anymore. That’s when surrender comes.

All illusion dissolves, the veil is lifted, and you are free once again to see the divinity. In the only place it resides. In the here and now.

The divinity in the everyday. Every day.


I searched through 20,000 of my photos to find a particular image for ending this blog, but I couldn’t find it. But here is the one I kept finding–so I relented. A big fist-bump from the universe. Rock on, it seems to say. You’ve got this. We’ve got this.20150627_132321

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  1. Janet Mayou #

    It is so wonderful to have you back, big and warm-hearted. We are now homeowners in Hollister, California. Love, Janet

    May 9, 2017
    • Janet. You were there with me when I first crafted these words in mystery school. How appropriate you should be the first to respond. So happy for you and your place to call home. Love, Lori

      May 10, 2017
  2. Mary Welch #

    Profound, hopeful, inspiring, and eloquent! Thank you for your vulnerable sharing, Lori Anne. I admire you so much! I sincerely hope you are in this moment realizing what a gift you are to our world. Blessings and may you experience many moments of delightful surprises!


    *Mary 763.807.6872*

    On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 6:28 PM, mammaste ~ divinity in the everyday wrote:

    > Lori Anne posted: “I have been away so long, because for a while now I > have been lost along the WAY. Today, I found something I wrote a long > time ago. It came back to me like a ray of light shining dimly through the > nearly closed door into the dark room where I found myself” >

    May 9, 2017
    • Your words are a gift to me. Thank you Mary.

      May 10, 2017
  3. I read this post as I was boarding a plane to Rome, and I was so happy to see your words flying through space again. I took them in and breathed love. Days later, I stood staring up at the hole in the top of the Pantheon, where we had been told we would see a shower of pink rose petals at noon, in honor of Pentecost. It turns out that we were too weeks too early (!!!), but because of the absence of flowers, I was able to stop and recognize the glowing ceiling for what it was – the second image in your post! I was waiting for spectacular, to be showered with pink, and instead, I awoke to the Divinity of my kindred friend, shining her light on us again.

    You are walking grace. Your words are holy balm. Rock on, dear friend.

    May 21, 2017
    • Thank you dear Leigh. How wonderful for you to be in Rome! There is such warmth in my heart reading your words, knowing where you are. Blessings abound.

      May 21, 2017

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