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Expect A Miracle (An Adoption Story)

“Wow! Your kids are so fair–they don’t look anything like you!
Is their dad blonde and blue-eyed?”

Tree 1 Bear-small

Artwork by Kristiana Pärn.

When I was first asked that question by the hairstylist cutting my daughter’s hair, it threw me a bit. I thought about what the adoption agency had told us about her birth parents and answered, “Yes, I think her father was the blonde one.”  Of course I realized much later when I was already in the parking lot that the hairstylist didn’t know she was adopted, nor was she privy to the memory search going on behind my eyes. It explained why her chatty demeanor quieted after my response! It’s probably a story she still tells to this day. You’re welcome.

After adopting our second child, another blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby I was ready for that question. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when the two women in front of me in the long check-out line at the children’s store in the mall admired my two blonde children and asked me about their father’s fair features. “Oh, they don’t look like me because our family was built through adoption,” I answered.

The women were quiet for a moment, looking at each other before one of them told me they were in the cities to buy some baby things for their niece who was about to have twins any day now. They lived Outstate, but came to the city to shop the big after-Christmas sales. Their niece, they explained, had decided to place the babies for adoption. The women looked a little troubled before continuing on, saying they were not really sure how they felt about the adoption. They hoped she would change her mind and decide to keep them. They went on to express concern about not knowing who the parents would be, what kind of people they were, whether the children would be well loved and cared for.

I told them that as an adoptive mother, I could testify to what a great act of love it was for the birth parents of my children to grace my life with these babies. I told tell them that the fact that I could not have a child, and had to work very hard to adopt made me all the more grateful to become a mother.

They went on to mention that it was a private adoption, but they knew a little bit about the background of the adoptive parents and their first names, all of which they shared with me. It felt like a bolt of electricity had just shot through me. I was shocked by what I’d just heard. “I know them,” I gasped.

Sure enough, these two women who lived hours away had come to the cities for just a few days to shop, had ended up in line ahead of me, had struck up a conversation that resulted in me sharing about my adopted children and lo-and-behold, I knew the couple who might be allowed to adopt their niece’s soon-to-be born twins. My sister had even dated the man in high school!


Artwork by Kristiana Pärn, tree modeled after Darwin’s tree of life notebook sketch.

After making our purchases, we stepped out of line, all of us visibly shaken by the coincidence. Without giving away any identifying information, I told them all about what beautiful, kind people this man and woman were. I told them I knew they would be such great parents and would love these new babies very much. We were all crying by the time we hugged and parted ways.

A couple of weeks later I heard that the couple had surprised their families by bringing home twin baby boys! I cried when I heard the news.

Sometimes the universe places you in the right place at the right time. If we are fully present we can find ourselves instruments of grace in miraculous circumstance. You just need to be awake and aware in the here-and-now. Divine appointments. Don’t miss them. They are magical.

Mammaste~Divinity in the Everyday

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  1. Debbie #

    This story is filled to overflowing with so much love from all involved, it just warms me to my toes. Thank you for sharing such a lovely miracle story!

    April 23, 2014
    • So true, Debbie. To this day, all these years later, I can still feel it.

      April 24, 2014
  2. Your life stories never cease to amaze me! Be well dear. LOVE

    April 24, 2014
    • Life is so very rich. It is such a joy to be here, now.

      April 24, 2014

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