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I’m A Believer . . . An Adoption Story

November is National Adoption Month, This blog is dedicated to the gift of Adoption. Three of our five children are adopted.

mammaste ~ divinity in the everyday

I am a firm believer that we come together in this life with the people we are meant to spend it with. I believe it is possible that plan includes lessons we agree to teach each other, lessons in love. I believe both the hardships and the joys are teaching us those lessons equally. We just don’t always have the perspective to see that truth very clearly as we are living them.

During my eight years of infertility treatments and yearly surgeries trying to conceive, I would dream of a golden light flickering between my heart and the heart of a child. It was a faint light like the one you see along the bottom of a closed door while standing in a darkened room. I had a feeling that this child was looking for me as desperately as I was searching for her. A part of me knew that if…

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