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“Mom, Is Santa Real?” To Santa or Not to Santa, That is the Question.

I have always treasured playing the role of Santa to my children, and when that inevitable day comes when they ask, “Is Santa real?” I have no trouble responding “Yes!” from my heart. I explain that Santa is the Christmas spirit of giving gifts to others without needing thanks or praise in return. This magical spirit of giving is represented by the idea of a jolly man in red. The real part of Santa, I explain,  is the people who are filled with that spirit of giving, and become “Santa” for the  joy it brings to others!

What I find most profound about the magic of Santa at Christmas is this act of giving anonymously as a true manifestation of Matthew 6:3, “. . .when you give . . . do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” To me, Santa embodies the practice of giving without thought or attachment to personal recognition for what you’ve given. The joy it brings to the receiver is enough. In this way, I have no trouble combining both our family’s Christian beliefs and the secular tradition of Santa. We can, and do embrace both fully.

A beautiful thing has happened with my five kids around our Santa tradition. After learning the truth about Santa, the older siblings in turn relish their role in keeping the magic of Santa alive for their younger sibs. They help in getting the “Santa” gifts and in creating the magic for the younger children. Many a knowing and loving look is shared between us on Christmas morning as the joy and wonder of Santa comes over the faces of their younger brothers and sisters. The magic and spirit of Santa doesn’t get any more real than that!

I think whether Santa delivers at your house is a personal choice with many “right” approaches. This is simply my take on why Santa delivers here at our home!

Merry Christmas and Mammaste!
There is so much Divinity in the Everyday.

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